June 9, 2017


For placement or inquiries about services offered, contact the Social Services Coordinator at 828-774-5104.

For questions about employment applications which have been submitted, contact the Director of Human Resources at 828-412-3514.

For allegations of abuse or neglect, call 828-273-7245.

These are the phone numbers for each group home as well as administrative offices.

Ora Group Home 253-0291
Pisgah View Group Home 274-8374
Kenmore Group Home 277-0204
Montford Group Home 274-7175
Gwen Rash Memorial Group Home 298-8620
Kenmore Offices – Social Services 774-5104
Pisgah Offices – Finance Department 274-8368
Kenmore Offices – Nursing 277-0205
Chief Executive Officer 274-7540
Residential Services Director
Fax 274-1424