June 9, 2017

Code of Conduct

It is WNC Group Homes’ goal to maintain a performance-oriented work environment and one which encourages harmonious relationships. In order to be consistent with this goal, we have established a reasonable code of conduct to guide the behavior of our employees.

The following lists the expectations of the conduct of WNC Group Homes employees:

  • Protect group home assets or those of any resident against misappropriation or fraud.
  • Ensure information from resident records, payroll, time records or personnel records are maintained accurately and in a confidential and secure manner.
  • Ensure use of any WNC Group homes property is implemented for agency business or the benefit of a group home resident.
  • Ensure WNC Group Homes residents and employees live and work in a violence free environment.
  • Ensure WNC Group Homes is a drug free work place.
  • Ensure cooperation with agency and external agency investigation procedures.
  • Ensure compliance with agency safety rules and practices.
  • Ensure staff demonstrate professional and courteous behavior toward residents, family members, guardians, other stakeholders and community members.
  • Ensure all staff maintain or obtain licenses and certifications required by regulations to implement services and supports to residents.
  • Ensure compliance with any federal, state or local law or ordinance by agency employees while on agency property or while representing the agency on official business.
  • Employees will strive to maintain satisfactory and harmonious working relationships with the public and/or other employees