Our Memories of Matt Auten

August 2014

We grieve the loss of our Facilities Manager, Matt Auten, who died on August 19, 2014 while on vacation with his family. We want to share some of our memories of him with you.

"Matt was a man who practiced his beliefs. Every day he did his best to help others and support his family in all ways. I will miss his wonderful sense of humor, his artistic talent, and his dedication to all things honorable."

"I got to quickly know a man who was completely honest, trustworthy, tender hearted with a serious face that could suddenly burst into a big grin and his eyes would just crinkle away…..I will miss his quick and quirky wit and the diligence and care with which he worked here for all the houses. What a truly great man that I really wish that I had had more time to get to know. He went straight into our hearts and there is such a glaring hole here without him."

Matt had a delightful sense of humor which he was not shy about sharing with any of us as he went about his daily tasks -- whether they were typical in nature or an unexpected "emergency." He enjoyed using up a can of spray foam to create interesting things such as this "brain." It appeared around the agency in unanticipated places -- along with other foam creations.

The linoleum flooring at one of the group homes developed a hole which required patching. Rather than replace a large section of the floor, Matt created an inset in the shape of the agency's logo and neatly applied the patch within the existing flooring.

Matt loved cookies. One of our admin staff enjoys making them, along with other dessert treats, for all staff. As our Safety Officer, Matt gave us fair warning about the potential danger of too many sweets.

"Matt's contagious positive outlook will keep me strong. His laughter and humor will keep me going when I am having a rough day. I can't even count the number of phone calls I've had to make to Matt to come fix one thing or another. I admire how he handled multitasking with a sense of being cool, calm, and collected."

Help us provide summer activities

During the summer months, our residents have the opportunity to go places and engage in activities which are not available to them during the rest of the year. For example, some residents attend summer camp ($1,725 per person), while others participate in group day-trip outings.

We appreciate each contribution toward the cost of these activities.

You may also mail your contribution directly to:

Finance Manager
WNC Group Homes
28 Pisgah View Avenue
Asheville, NC 28803